Born- Long Beach, California

Education-  USC School of Business

Hobbies- Flying, Cycling, Boating, Golf

Expertise- Product Marketing

Current residences-  Illinois


Donovan Moore has been involved in the creative marketing of products and people for most of his adult life.   With a diverse background in public relations, agency representation, and personal brand management, he has over 30 years experience in all phases of marketing and public relations.  He is a graduate of  The University of Southern California (USC) school of business, ranked in the top 10 of business schools in the country.


He began his career in Los Angeles CA with the firm Professional Consulting Management, a political public relations company headed by Michael Reagan, son of future President Ronald Reagan.  There he worked on several election campaigns, the most notable being the mayoral race for the city of Los Angeles against Tom Bradley  that would later become a case study and coin the term, bradley effect.  In the following years, he began taking on his own clients in the entertainment industry, honing his public relations and promotion skills by implementing marketing campaigns for numerous Hollywood bands during the rise of the LA Sound in the mid 80′s.  It was during this time that he became the personal manager for the band Stryper.  The band would go on to sell more than 10 million records worldwide.


In the late 80′s he was hired by WCA, a west coast talent agency known for it’s representation of mostly middle of the road artists such as Pat and Debby Boone, Glen Campbell, Art Linkletter,  Dean Jones,  Meadowlark Lemon,  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, John Delorean, Chuck Woolery, and Florence Henderson just to name a few.   While at WCA, Donovan transformed the agency by signing numerous new and more contemporary artists.   He would later rise to become president of the company expanding it’s reach into other areas such as contemporary music and corporate events. 


After getting married, he relocated to the Midwest and started his own corporate speakers bureau.  Along with the clients he brought with him from WCA, the firm expanded it’s roster to include some of the biggest names in sports, politics, and entertainment.


In the early 90′s he underwent a spiritual awakening, or as he likes to put it, “a born again-born again experience” and completely changed careers.  He started a wholesale golf products company that rode the “Tiger Woods” golf boom of the 90′s.  He soon expanded the company with a chain of brick and mortar retail stores in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Now retired, he spends time between houses in Illinois boating, flying, motorcycle riding, and golfing.  He still does occasional consulting on the subjects of branding and internet marketing. 



email:  donovan at the domain donovanmoore.com